Penetration Testing and Network Security

Penetration Testing & Network Security

During Penetration Test, we stimulate the actions of an attacker so as to determine the various levels of vulnerabilities and to what extent an external attacker can damage our customers' business before it actually occurs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Experience and Professionalism
  • We choose a set of of suitable tests that balance cost and benefits

Benefits of Penetration Testing to your organization

Among others, our penetration testing service helps you:

  • Uncover technical vulnerabilities
  • Assess the strength of the security process and tools in place at your organisation as well as justify the investment in security
  • Determine how easy or difficult it is for your staff to fall for Social Engineering attacks
  • Prevent brand damage/penalty resulting from security breach
  • Discover the presnece of intruder(s) in your system/network

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