Digital and Mobile Phone Forensic

Digital and Mobile Phone Forensic

Our forensic services covers the following:

  • Network Forensic
  • System (Digital) Forensic
  • Mobile Phone Forensic

Network Forensic Service

Collecting records of relevant network activities is important to uncover subtle malicious activities as well as investigate and stop cyber security incidents, there is only one chance of gathering network evidence, we help you set up forensic solutions in the most appropriate place within your network.
We analyse your logs after an incidence to draw up intelligence and make meaning out of disjointed data to support the investigation of cyber crimes.

System Forensic

Through this service, we uncover tracks to find evidence in hidden places.
Our System Forensic service can also helps you recover lost files from system hard disks, USB sticks and other storage devices regardless of the operating system.

Mobile Phone Forensic

Traditional crimes are now migrating to Mobile devices, our Excperts certified in the use of Cellebrite Forensic Tool kits and other tools will carry out a total investigation to extract data from these mobile devices to uncover criminal activities.

Most Importantly, we present the report of findings in a consise and easy to understood manner.

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