SME in a Box

Do you know the best cyber security tool for your environment?

SME in a Box: Re-thinking Cyber Security Experiments

Digital & Mobile Phone Forensic

Tracing Important digital footprints

We make meaning out of disjointed data to provide you with relevant evidences

Penetration Testing and Network Security

Do You Know your Security Posture?

We can assess the security Posture of your organisation through simulated attacks

Moat Consulting Limited

Moat Consulting provides a wide range of security solutions and services to help you keep your valuable assets secure.
We have the ability to draw from our pool of experienced cyber security professionals and maintain a personalized form of business liaison with your organization. Skills' diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Moat Consulting Limited.
Why don't you allow us take care of your cyber security issues while you focus on the things that matter to your business?

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Penetration Testing & Network Security

Providing network defense-in-depth solutions and carry out security posture assessment.

Digital Forensic & Data Recovery

Investigating security breach to prevent further breach, finding evidence in hidden places.

Threat Modelling & Secure Coding

Conducting threat modelling to aid the development of secure application.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

We check your software for bugs and inconsistencies

GDPR Consulting Services

Helping you achieve compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

System & Process Audit

Evaluating your system and processes for effectiveness and suitability

SME in a Box

Our proprietry product for helping you make the best decision in security tool deployment

A configurable virtual ‘enterprise in a box’ which emulates a typical enterprise network with all the infrastructure, user and attacker behaviour which can be generated on the go by supplying certain parameters.

This virtual box can be used in supporting the testing and development of security detection tools and other cyber security experiments

  • The proliferation of security tools makes it difficult for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and others who are tasked with the responsibility of protecting the infrastructure and data in an Organisation, to select the best fit for their environment.
  • Sometimes when organisations need to use multiple tools; Inter-operability issues among tools could leave the organization more vulnerable than before.
  • Tool selection based on non-empirical factors such as: popularity in the market, sales pitches etc. do not guarantee protection for Organizations
  • It helps eliminate the difficulties in security tool selection as it provides a simple way of performing a technical task of tool evaluation in a non-technical and cost-effective manner since the user can set up experiments by merely specifying parameters through an easy-to use Graphic User Interface.
  • It doesn’t need high level of expertise or security skills to operate.

Our Forensic Services help you find evidence in hidden places

Through our Network- , Digital- and Mobile Phone- Forensics, we extract evidence and make meaning out of raw disjointed data to support investigations of cyber crimes and also recover lost files after a security breach.

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