Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Our Software Testing and Quality Assurance service has the potential to help you save time and money by identifying problems early and to improve customer satisfaction by delivering a more defect-free product.
We prepare test cases in line with the software specification requirements and test the Software to identify any un-expected behaviour or bug to gauge whether the application meets the intended specifications and satisfies the client’s requirements.

We document the degree to which the standard processes or best practices are followed (or otherwise). This is documented in the report we present to the software project team and other appropriate managers.

Why choose an Independent Tester?

An independent tester can un-cover more and entirely different bugs than a tester working within a programming team.

An independent tester brings a different set of assumptions to testing and to reviews, which often helps in exposing the hidden defects and problems

Since an independent tester will be reporting to the Senior MAnagement, he can present the test report in a transparent manner without any concern for reprisal that might result from pointing out problems in coworkers' work.

An independent tester has chosen a career path in Software Testing, he can afford to invest sufficiently into relevant trainings, tools etc.

Most Importantly, we present the report of findings in a consise and easy to understood manner.

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