This is a bespoke service that is tailored to simplify your business processes and workflow. We realized that most businesses forced themselves into a box (platform) because they want to automate their processes to suit the provisions of a purchased ERP solution, thereby losing the real essence of their business or end up making their process more complicated. This solution is birthed so that you can automate your process just as it is or how you want it; if you can conceive it, we can achieve it.

At Moat Consulting, we are out to protect your investment and see your business grow so we build security and control into the process automation. We only offer affordable and trusted IT solution that will increase your productivity and profitability. 

What you stand to benefit by automating your business process:

  • Save time, enhance your turnaround time
  • Cost reduction
  • Streamline your communication within your organization
  • Enforce accountability and compliance in your system
  • Eliminate fraud, minimize human error and inefficiency
  • Good planning and decision-making by having an holistic view of all your operations with ease
  •  Establish a clear approval hierarchy 

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