“E-learning”, the short form of electronic learning is a modern approach to learning that makes use of technology in learning, training and all forms of education. It leverages on technology to provide the learner some element of control over time, place, path, and pace of learning. The MOAT E-learning platform is built on the principle of collaboration and interactivity among the students (learners) and their teachers/trainers. In this model;

Advantages of MOAT Elearning Platform

  • Students can learn on their own, from each other as well as from the teacher in a sociable way.
  • Students learn better by doing.
  • Its principle of allowing and creating opportunities for all to have a voice promotes the construction of new ideas.

Features of the Elearning Platform

  • Online Course Contents – teachers can create and upload interactive course contents.
  • Assignment Module – creation and grading of asignments.
  • Quiz- allows the teacher to design and set quiz tests, which may be automatically marked and feedback and/or to correct answers shown.
  • Reports and Gradebooks - produces various site and course report charts.
  • Feedback - for creating and conducting surveys to collect feedback from students.
  • Chats and Forum-  allow participants to have asynchronous discussions.
  • Multilingual capability - allow users view course content and learn in their own language.
  • Notifications – students can receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and also send private messages to one another.

Benefits to Teachers

  • Teachers can provide all materials relevant for the training to the students via a single platform.
  • Online training channels increase approachability of students to the teacher.
  • Teachers can monitor the progress of their students.
  • Teachers can receive submissions of assessments electronically and provide personalized feedbacks to the students

Benefits to Students

  • Allows the students to learn in a less formal way, according to research students learn better with this method.
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • Students have equal access to learning materials anytime, anywhere.
  • Students have opportunities to learn from each other collaboratively.
  • Understands better his or her learning process, act on feedback, so as to become more effective and successful.

Benefits to your School

  • Maximize the holiday period for the students.
  • Have training materials in electronic format
  • Increases the schools’ web presence
  • Prepares the students for the use of e-learning platforms obtainable in over 90% of international tertiary institutions of the world.
  • Positions your school strategically in the world.
  • Familiarizes the students with the use of technological platforms
  • Encourages research in the students – when they carry out assignments using the resources and links provided by the teacher.

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