We have simplified your business’ operations by integrating all major factors of your business: the people (staff, clients, customers and end-users), the place, your processes and technology into this wonderful product.  It will enhance both operational facility management (your day-to-day operations) and strategic facility management (planning, decision-making and compliance).

This product is designed for you to create an optimal, safe and cost-effective environment for the occupants, which in turn increase the value proposition of your business as a Facility Management company.        

Major Features:

  • Secure Identity Management System/Access card
  • Visitor Management system
  • Maintenance Management system
  • Billing System with integrated payment gateways
  • Helpdesk and issue resolution centre
  • Business Process Automation
  • Authorization System and Audit trail
  • Management dashboard and report generating system


  • Effective Communication
  • Cost effective operation
  • Increased productivity
  • Full organization’s assets utilization
  • Efficient and streamlined process
  • Enhance security management

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