We named it Customer Management and Self Service Portal but our customers call it their Customers Experience Management Solution.
It provides the much needed golden touch at the various ‘touchpoints’ (the many critical moments when customers interact with an organization and its offerings) you have with your existing and prospective customers. We at Moat Consulting Ltd. believe that when the customer’s experience is better, your customers are happier - And when customers are happier, you make more money.
Our goal is to protect your Investment and as such it is very key for your business to create and keep customers. This product is birthed so that organisations can increase their customers’ value proposition and to capture that value (translate it to wealth).
Major Features:

  •  Business Process Automation:  We believe your customer’s journey needs to be seamless, so we streamline the various ‘touchpoints’ within your organisation by automating them into this product to bring about an effective and efficient collaboration across functions and levels that delivers gains throughout your organisation and offers quality service to your customers.
  •  Purchase/Payment: You can display your products/services, customers can make purchase and make payment or log in their payment details online. It allows full or instalmental payments depending on the model in use in your organization.
  •  Feedback and Issue Resolution box: Your customers shouldn’t complain to a third-party or go on a social media to write about dissatisfied services or products, it provides them with the platform to log complains and receive prompt resolutions.

  •  Online Receipt/Invoice Generation: Your Customers do not need to wait for too long to get their invoice or receipt for request or payment respectively. It provides a platform to issue and keep online receipts and invoices
  •  Notification System: You can send welcome messages, birthday messages, payment confirmation, payment/default reminders etc
  •  Authorisation System and Audit trail: This serves as a form of control in the system where a person cannot single-handedly begin and conclude a transaction. You have the opportunity to make one person an ‘ inputter ‘and  another an ‘authoriser’ for any role and the audit trail allows you to track the activities of users on the system.
  •  Management Dashboard and Reporting System


  •  Stay ahead of competition, increase your sales
  •  Improve customer’s loyalty by exceeding your customer’s expectation
  •   Measure your customer’s experience and know where to consolidate more effort in your internal process
  •  Keep a good secured database of your customers’ list and safeguard your business data from unauthorized access.

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